Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I'm Back!


Right, well, after a much longer than planned break, I am back. I'd felt a bit fed up in general and decided to give my typing fingers a rest! I really enjoy blogging but my heart wasn't in it, I felt like I was writing for writing's sake. But I have missed it. REALLY missed it. I'd see something and think 'Oh, that would be a good blog topic' and then just not put pen to paper. I've also gotten a bit behind on reading all my favourite blogs, my Bloglovin' feed is choc-a-bloc with awesome posts which I have yet to read. So I am sitting here with a cuppa and getting down to business.

Not much has happened in my world. I've seen a few plays which I will be writing up on here, got back in touch with some friends who I've been neglecting (anyone who knows me knows that I am TERRIBLE at keeping in contact, I try my best but I'm just rubbish!!) and I've started my Christmas shopping. Yaaaaay!!

Christmas really is my favourite time of year. As soon as the wind gets that nip in it and the leaves start falling from the trees my countdown begins. Actually it begins on the 4th of July, the day after my birthday, but that makes me sound a bit Christmas obsessed, which I probably am!

I started potty training one of my charges today so watch this space. She got on really well, one proud nanny here. When we've both got into more of a routine with it I'll write a post about different methods we used, any tips or tricks which I found helpful, and ones I didn't! It's not something one really thinks about, going to the toilet, but there's a lot to learn and control. Bring it on I say!

I have become a tad bit obsessed with Instagram! I love it! I can spend hours looking through the different pictures. I don't like posting too many pictures on Facebook because it's really annoying but on Instagram you're SUPPOSED to post pictures all day. You can follow me here. Shameless, I know.

Well, you will be hearing from me very soon I hope! Thanks for reading,