Sunday, 5 October 2014

25 Things I Love About Autumn

Well, after a long and wakeful night I'm so pleased to announce that my cousin has had her baby. I cant wait for a big cuddle, she is beautiful. It feels like we've all been waiting for this day for so long and now it's finally here I don't know what to do with myself!

It is a decidedly chilly morning so, after retreating back under my duvet with a cuppa, I thought I'd write a good old list of all the things I love about Autumn! Brr, pass me those slipper socks.

1) Novelty bobble hats - The cuter the better, if they're sporting any woodland animals then that's bonus points!

2) Pumpkins - After watching this hilarious video, I can solemnly say that I am not addicted to Pumpkin Spice Lattes (okay, maybe just a little bit!) but is there anything that says Autumn more than the little orange veggies? And they make a delicious soup too!

3) Woodland Animal Prints - Foxes, owls, I love them all! And the trend is supposed to stay strong throughout 2015 which makes me rather happy.

4) Warming Home Cooking - Something to warm hungry tummies after a long day just makes everything seem so cosy.

5) Halloween - An excuse to dress up like a loon and party hard. Well, if your idea of partying is making some of these jelly worms then come on down!

6) Autumnal Colours - Oranges, reds, browns, matching the cruncy leaves scattered on the floor is always a plus in my book.

7) Crisp Mornings - I think this is one of my top favourite Autumn moments! Being able to see your breath in the morning is so exciting.

8) Bonfire Night - My parents got married on the 5th of November so we always have a special little gathering on bonfire night. Fireworks, sparklers and hot dogs, what more do you need?

9) Sloe Gin - No explanation needed surely??

10) Christmas Planning - It's my favourite time of the year and when the nights start drawing in it's a signal for me to start those prezzie lists.

11) Gigantic Mugs - Filled with tea, coffee, mulled wine, wrapping your hands around a big steaming mug seems to melt many troubles away.

12) Rugby Season - Beefy men in shorts and patriotism, beautiful.

13) Open Fires - Cliche I know but I don't care one bit. Roaring flames, crackling logs and the smell of wood smoke makes me feel instantly Christmassy.

14) Slipper Socks - Another one that needs no explanation, a warm woolly, foot hug.

15) Wood smoke - Already touched upon this but the smell of wood smoke needs it's own special mention, delicious.

16) Gingerbread Lattes - Or any latte to be honest, gingerbread ones make me feel extra snuggly though.

17) Wearing Layers - I'm a very hot person so Summer is usually sweltering for me! It's nice to have minimal clothes on for a while but once Autumn comes around and I can get out the leg warmers and boots then I'm chuffed.

18) Family Duvet Days - Closing the curtains, bringing our duvets into the living room and watching a proper family film makes those wet days a little special.

19) Crocheting Afgans Without Overheating - Crocheters will feel my pain here. It's so annoying to be draped in a wooly blanket and sweating buckets during the warmer months.

20) Awesome TV - Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, it seems that all the good telly starts in Autumn.

21) Rosy Cheeks - Again, a little bit cliche but I love coming back from a walk with the dogs with windswept hair, rosy cheeks and massive smiles.

22) Harvest Festival - I'm not a 'churchy' person but I love harvest festival and try to attend the service in our tiny family church most years. Everything always looks so beautiful with all of the flower, fruit and vegetable decorations.

23) Scented Candles - Yes, 'Beach Flowers' and 'Garden Sweet Pea' are lovely but bring on the 'Apple Pumpkin' and 'Christmas Cookie' to warm a cold evening.

24) Movember - Mustachioed men? Fine by me!

25) Birthdays - Autumn is the time for, not only my lovely Mum's birthday but now also my beautiful niece Lily. We are going to have so much fun over the next few years.

Have a peep at my Autumn board on Pinterest here.

Muchos love,

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  1. I love reading these lists and you wrote a lot of things I hadn't read before! This was awesome :)