Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Week

Well, it's been my last weekend as a Londoner! It's been a lovely, relaxing weekend. Yesterday I spent the day with a friend, S, in Central London, it was so hot. I had tickets for The Pajama Game (no, I haven't misspelled it, I think it's an American spelling) for my birthday from my boss so S and I went to that in Shaftesbury Theatre. It was really brilliant, I'll post a full review soon. Then we had dinner in Bella Italia which was delicious but I couldn't really enjoy it because it was sweltering in there.

Today I've just been pottering around my room, finishing off the last of the packing and I popped into town to do my last Primark shop for a while, the closest Primarni to home is about an hours drive away so we go there on special occasions haha! I feel pretty organised which is worrying me a bit. I was so stressed last weekend thinking about all the things I needed to do but I seem to be nearly finished. I feel like I've forgotten something.

So, this will be my last week with the monkeys (I'm a nanny for twins who were three the other week, when did that happen?). I'm excited about going home but I'm going to miss them terribly. I really hope we stay in contact. We're just going to have a really fun week with lots of laughter as usual. They really have grown into wonderful, funny, kind individuals. They are very special.

Six sleeps until I'm back in Wales!! Eeeeeee!

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  1. Haha glad you were able to enjoy your last weekend there and do something a bit more special! The hardest thing is saying goodbye to old friends :( But I am sure a lot of positive things are also going to com out of the move. Enjoy yourself ^^

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