Monday, 17 June 2013

Spending the Pennies

Owl Necklace, £8 River Island - Feeding my owl obsession.
Bun Top, £6 River Island - This was a little pricey for what it is but I've been looking for one for ages. Its lovely.

Sterling Silver Owl Earrings, £7 Accessorize - Yes, yes, more owls!

Scooter Fat Quater, £3.50, Market Stall

 Tea Light Holder, Luna Phases


These Penguin Clothbound Classics are absolutely gorgeous...there are one or two sitting in my Amazon shopping cart right now. To check out or not to check out.

I love this Paisley Flowers Bed Linen from Zara Home. They're quite expensive but I feel that if you pay a bit more for items like this then they last much longer than the cheaper versions.

I have a massive weakness for River Island purses and this one is divine. I love that there is plenty of room for cards, of which I have a lot. Well, it is pay-day tomorrow!


  1. I love the owl necklace - I've a thing for them too! I'm wearing one today funnily enough


  2. Definitely to "check out" with the 2 penguin clothbound classics! I recently bought the Wuthering Heights one,and honestly the cover is sooo beautiful! Also the owl necklace is cute!

  3. I love owls too!! I love those little owl earrings!!! xxx