Monday, 24 June 2013

My Week

This week seemed so hectic! The children usually get up at about 3pm and have dinner at 5pm which leaves us two hours in the afternoon to do something. We usually play in the house or go for a little walk to tire them out but we went out every afternoon which makes the time go quickly but we were all knackered by Friday.

I went out on Friday night and it was good, the weather was warm and the sun came out late afternoon so we could sit outside, bliss. I met two friends who are also nannies so our evenings are always filled with hilarious stories and plenty of laughter. The pub served vanilla vodka though, my Kryptonite.

On Saturday I went to West End Live, you can see my post about it here.

Sunday was a day of relaxation, I needed it after such a busy week! The children and I had found the Boho cafe whih is about ten minutes away from our house. Its a lovely little cafe with great coffee, yummy cakes and plenty of toys for the children to play with. Its a great place which I think I will be frequenting.

With the summer holidays coming up I really like this post from Make and Takes about activities to bring when travelling with children, it has some great ideas.

This infused sugar from A Beautiful Mess looks so yummy! It would make such sweet gifts too, something to think about for my Christmas hampers. I really want to try the lavender one.

I cried my eyes out when I read this post from How Does She. tells her son how to be prepared for the world of dating so that he is ready for his princess when she comes along. It is a beautiful post straight from the heart and infused with so much feeling and some wit.

And last but not least I need this yarn storage solution from Knits for Life. Its so gorgeous and a really easy, effective way to display all your wool hoard.

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