Monday, 2 September 2013

My Week #5

Last week seemed so long! It was only four days because of the bank holiday but it just went so slowly. Autumn is well and truly on its way. The mornings have still been sunny and warm but there is a crispness creeping in which makes me excited for Christmas! I know, its way too early to be thinking about the old Crimbo but I do need to start sorting out my Christmas crafts. 

I found this great blog from the Travelettes. My wanderlust is always there, bubbling away under the surface but this post made it erupt. I want to travel so badly, this post made me want it so much more. Some of the points are really funny and some are a bit more heartfelt but it was a really good read.

I had an interview with Cathy Glass! I was so excited, she is one of my favourite authors and a big inspiration. If you missed it you can read it again here. Keep a look out on this blog because I have a few more really interesting blogs lined up for the coming weeks.

I also went to the Harry Potter Studios. It was amazing. Here's the post if you didn't catch it the other day.

Whisks, Hooks and Books also has a brand new Facebook page! Head on over to to like us :)

Well, it's only a quick one tonight but I'll be posting a few exciting things this week including an interview with a previous contestant on the Great British Bake Off! Keep an eye out. And I hope this week is a great one for you.

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